Spring 2018 Newsletter

The new Mesh Tent 1

Versatile, lightweight bug protection for the minimalist solo backpacker.

Our Mesh Tent 1 is available now! Whether getting away from mosquitoes in the forest, midges and black flies in the high country, or biting flies in open terrain, the Mesh Tent 1’s no-see-um mesh body and bathtub floor offer full protection from both airborne and ground-based insects, as well as other crawling creatures such as scorpions and snakes. Watch the video below for more information or visit our website.

The Mesh Tent 1 and Tarp 5:

An outstanding choice for those wanting the most minimal warm‑weather shelter solution.

Pairing the Mesh Tent 1 with our Tarp 5 creates a very light – 730 g/1 lb 10 oz – package that offers highly flexible rain protection in addition to shelter from insects. Depending on how it is pitched, the Tarp 5 can provide coverage for anything from light precipitation to heavy rain.

The right tent for the spring season

What sort of spring weather do you get?

Anjan GT

For some, spring means warm days and cool nights, and maybe some rain. The Yellow Label Anjan GT is impressively lightweight, roomy and airy – perfect for those snow-free spring outings.

Akto & Unna

For others, spring simply is not snow free. The Red Label Akto and Unna are excellent all-season solo tents that are as at home on a sunny trip as they are when that spring snow barrels in.

Still not ready to let go of winter?

Hilleberg Outdoor Academy winter tour.

Our Hilleberg Outdoor Academies, held in the northern Swedish mountains, are fun ways for our retail partners to get hands-on experience with our tents, and with us, in all conditions. Our most recent Academy was a winter ski tour complete with sunshine and blizzard conditions, very cold temperatures, and a lot of fun!

Do you have your 2018 Tent Handbook?

Order one now to get more information about our tents, or view it or download it online.

Special offers

Be sure to check out our special offers page, where you’ll find display models and slightly used tents, as well as tents with small cosmetic errors.