2018 Newsletter

The 2018 Tent Handbook is here!

The 2018 Tent Handbook is now available. Drop everything you're doing and order yours, or view it online now!

New for 2018

Summer minimalist backpackers will love the Mesh Tent 1, a solo shelter that pairs perfectly with our Tarp 5, and winter tour aficionados will appreciate the new Windsack 2, a two-person version of our popular temporary shelter/emergency bivy, the Windsack. In addition, now all Yellow Label tents, all Tarps, and our Blue Label Atlas and Stalon XL are available in all three of our colors, green, red and sand.

Mesh Tent 1

Weighing just 410 g (15 oz), the Mesh Tent 1 is an excellent choice for solo summer (or hot climate) backcountry travelers who prefer the minimalist approach. It can be set up with trekking poles or by suspending the ridgeline. When paired with our Tarp 5, the two together offer a very light warm weather shelter solution weighing only 730 g (1 lb 10 oz).

Windsack 2

Like the original three-person Windsack, now called Windsack 3, the new two-person Windsack 2 is a lightweight, highly versatile winter backcountry essential. It’s an emergency bivy bag that can be deployed as a temporary wind shelter, used as an improvised tarp, or laid out as a signal panel. The new Windsack 2 weighs 460 g (16 oz); the original Windsack 3 weighs 580 g (21 oz). Watch the Windsack video.

New color choices

All Yellow Label tents and Tarps will now be available in Sand, as well as in Green and Red. In addition, color choices in Blue Label series have expanded: the Atlas will now be available in sand as well as in green and red, and the Stalon XL will be available in red and sand, as well as in green.

The Hilleberg repair team – extending the life of a tent

In this video, we take a look at our repair team, and the philosophy behind why we believe that having in-house repair capability is important, both to the longevity of our products, but also to our customer relationships.

Heading out this winter? Take a Windsack!

While our Windsack was originally conceived as an emergency bivy bag, it has proven itself perhaps even more useful as a portable, temporary refuge during ski tours or other winter adventures. Lightweight and easy to pack, the Windsack is great insurance against the changeability of winter weather!

Looking for inspiration?

In this Talking Tents, we sit down with our good friend Stevie Anna, who is currently on her Patagone Expedition to ride the over 1,000 mile length of Patagonia on horseback. She talks about her embracing of the concept of “slow travel,” why she chose the Nallo 3 GT as her shelter, and how the Patagonian landscape and its history captivated her. As she puts it, “In a land that resists exploration by more modern means, traditional horse-packing is perhaps the most authentic way for a traveler to experience Patagonia.” Read more about Stevie Anna at stevieanna.com

Special offers

Be sure to check out our special offers page, where you’ll find display models and slightly used tents, as well as tents with small cosmetic errors.