Welcome to 2016 from Hilleberg!

We hope you wrapped up 2015 on a positive note, and that you are well into making 2016 and even better year.

We are very excited for this year, bringing as it does a new catalog (which you can order here). And we are even more excited about our three new products, each in a different category. 

First, check out the Niak, a new addition to our Yellow Label line of three-season tents. It’s a very lightweight two-person tent that is also an extra spacious (but not extra heavy!) solo tent. To our shelter line, we have added the Tarp 5, a minimalist offering designed expressly for solo backpackers. And to our Blue Label we have added the Stalon XL, a very large and fully modular tent that can sleep up to 14 people.

As you might expect from our new product intros, we have been out with the tents a great deal recently, but we’re always looking for more excuses to get into the backcountry! Maybe we’ll see you out there!

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What's new for 2016


The new Niak is a highly versatile three-season tent. An excellent two-person option for those looking to keep weight to a minimum, the Niak also offers palatial comfort for one.

Tarp 5

Very light yet strong, the Tarp 5 is designed for solo backpackers who want a minimal shelter that lives up to the Hilleberg name.

Stalon XL

Designed with professional users in mind, the fully modular Stalon XL will sleep 14, but can also serve as nearly any kind of mobile backcountry building.

Taking your tent out in the snow?

Using Hilleberg tents in the snow.
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